Indications for use of #hydrotherapy


What is hydrotherapy?
The technical definition of hydrotherapy is the application of water for the treatment of physical or psychological dysfunction. Hydrotherapy or aquatics is the use of water or an aquatic environment to help with advancement of a rehabilitation program. The use of hydrotherapy began in ancient Greece with the use of warm water spas and exercise programs. Today there are thousand of physical therapists that use water for various therapeutic applications.

Indications for use of hydrotherapy.
People that would most benefit from hydrotherapy include people that have neuromuscular disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and pulmonary disorders. Specific diagnoses that have shown benefit from the pool include orthopedic problems that require decreased weight bearing to perform the specific exercises, neurological disorders that need increased balance and proprioceptive input, decreased cardiovascular functioning, exercise-induced asthma, pregnancy, and any condition that is intolerant to weight bearing exercises. Many people with back pain will also experience benefits from hydrotherapy.

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