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Hydrotherapy On Obesity

What is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy also known as pool therapy or aquatic therapy is a treatment program that is performed with the help of water. The use of water increases the range of joint movement, improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone, while minimizing stress and joint inflammation, making it easy for unobstructed, painless movements of the body. The warm water enhances the circulation of blood to the muscles thereby relaxing muscle spasms, reducing pain, inflammation and stiffness. The pressure of water provides a resistance to movement encouraging muscles to work harder than they would do on land, while water buoyancy reduces the pressure put on weight bearing joints, allowing easier movement and non-impact exercise. This quality of pool therapy is quite beneficial in treating problems like arthritis, obesity, healing fractures and more. We can exercise easily and with more regularity in pool therapy, without feeling overexerted and pained during our workouts. Water is the source of life and the physical properties of this most useful substance can be used to treat injuries, diseases and disorders.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy
  • It reduces musculoskeletal pressure and stress and makes exercising less painful.
  • Obese and morbidly obese people are more prone to injury. This exercise is low impact and improves muscle tone and balance.
  • It helps to energize muscles and tissue gradually. A lot of times obese people may lose the ability to maneuver certain body parts. This particular therapy helps to regain strength gradually.
  • The resistance of the water can be used to increase muscle strength and joint mobility.
  • Hydrotherapy reduces joint inflammation.
Why Use Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy or pool therapy is essentially physical therapy performed in the water. This form of `therapy uses the resistance of water instead of water, which renders it very simple for exercising. Certain kinds of exercises like step ups, squats, and more can be done easily in water rather than on land. People, who are unable to exercise on land due to joint aches will certainly find it convenient and enjoyable doing exercises in the water.
Water provides very good resistance that can be useful for treating a variety of illnesses and problems. This resistance can help strengthen muscles without resorting to weights. The resistance offered and the buoyancy of water can actually reinforce muscle groups that are weak, and can be agonizing to exercise on land. Hydrotherapy also gives hydrostatic pressure which gives us a sense of proprioception, which in turn can give us a sense of balance and protect us from falls.

Another advantage of hydrotherapy also lies in the fact that it can enhance blood circulation, which can result in an increased supply of oxygen, which leads to improved tissue healing and swelling reduction.
Hydrotherapy Warnings

Hydrotherapy is not recommended for people with blisters on the skin, open wounds, skin disease, skin eruptions, skin lesions, contagious illnesses, infectious diseases, unmanageable seizures, cardiac problems and bowel related problems.

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